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Tree Trimming Cost

In Oklahoma, tree service providers charge $80 to $1000 to trim trees. Homeowners with the smallest trees on their landscapes enjoy the lowest tree trimming cost, with professional tree trimmers charging them $80 to $150. As the size of the trees increases and the...

Tree Removal Costs

In Oklahoma, property owners spend between $200 and $2000 on tree removal. Homeowners with the smallest trees enjoy the lowest tree removal cost. The average cost ranges from $400 to $1,200, with the typical medium-sized tree costing $750 to remove.  To determine the...

Tree Pruning Cost

To hire professional tree pruners, you will need to set aside $75 to $2000 for each tree. Trees with a height below 30 feet sit on the lower end of the tree pruning cost. When the tree height starts approaching 100 feet, the tree pruning cost increases, settling at...
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